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Lakato (Pty) Ltd is the leading Veterinary Wholesaler in Southern Africa. Having branches located in 4 provinces in South Africa namely; Johannesburg in Gauteng, Cape Town in the Western Cape, Pietermartizburg in Kwazulu Natal and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, Lakato is the only truly national veterinary wholesale business in South Africa.

Lakato was initially founded in Johannesburg in 1987. Over the next number of years branches were opened in the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal. Our most recent branch to be opened was the one in Port Elizabeth.

Lakato’s customers include its suppliers on the one side and on the other practicing Veterinarians, Veterinary retail outlets, Veterinary institutions, Veterinarian run welfare concerns and State Veterinarians. Lakato offers a daily delivery service to those customers who are in close proximity to one of its branches. Delivery is between a next day to 72 hrs basis to those clients in the more outlying areas or those who are beyond the borders of South Africa.

Lakato carries the broadest range of Veterinary products possible. It offers its customer base access to the broadest range of products in more than adequate stock levels at competitive prices. It prides itself in the nature, diversity, quantity and volume of stock lines which it holds. In essence, Lakato carries or has access to all products which are used and required by its Veterinarian customer base. These include the likes of;

Companion Animal Pharmaceuticals Cold chain Biologicals
Premium Pet Foods Large Animal Pharmaceuticals
Equine Pharmaceuticals Veterinary retail products
Poultry Pharmaceuticals Game Pharmaceuticals
Human products used in Veterinary practice Disposables
Diagnostics Surgicals
Instruments Pet Accessories

Its supplier’s products are distributed exclusively to Veterinarians, Veterinarian
owned retail businesses , State Veterinarians and allied Veterinary business.

Lakato’s management team is committed to ethical business practice and
is passionate about their business, their customer base and the market in which
it operates. Lakato’s biggest asset is its staff who is committed to service
excellence and who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the products which
Lakato distributes. Lakato through its owners, staff and management strive to
provide a superlative service and endeavors to establish a special relationship
between itself and its clients.

Lakato truly is the Veterinarians Partner in Practice.

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